In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different – Coco Chanel

The world of corporate is not all moonlight and roses. It requires thick skin, determination and resilience (amongst other things). So, how do you remain relevant in a world that continues to evolve? How do you climb the proverbial “corporate ladder” without trampling on others in the process? These are just some of the questions we grapple with in my 3-part blog post.



As the world of work continues to evolve, staying relevant may become harder and harder for some.

A good friend of mine who operates in the Tech space recently shared with me just how rapidly the world is evolving (in the tech sense); and how important it is for companies and the individuals they employ to keep up with the ever-changing world around them. After all, that is how you maintain relevance.

Innovations and new technologies are emerging and businesses of all kinds are being disrupted. It is no delusion therefore, that disruptions of any kind, to any business will have some impact on you – the employee.

As a current or even a prospective employee, what should you be doing to make sure that you stay relevant and memorable?

As many of you may already know, I have been in corporate for 10 years; and it’s been one rollercoaster ride. Early on in my career, I made the conscious decision to use my uniqueness to my advantage, and always stand out from the crowd. To be memorable.

One of the most important lessons I’ve learnt is to never ever fall into the trap of complacency. That was probably my biggest fear. Complacency is enough to stunt the growth of any career. Below are some short tips on how I have learnt how to evolve, and constantly” upgrade” myself.


Stay informed, Be curios

First things first, participate in communities or networks that are relevant to your interests and passions. Grow your network and build meaningful and strategic relationships.

In my line of work, fortunately, there’s always something new to learn. We learn something new almost e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y!

Up-skill yourself and never stop learning. Personal development starts with you; we can no longer rely on educational institutions or our companies to teach us all the skills we need to know.

An Ipsos Report revealed that 41% of women in Africa spend more than 2 hours per day on the internet. Use these social channels and create filters to stay on top of current and relevant information. Read or watch the news! It’s so important to stay informed of current affairs. Be present. The last thing you want is to feel left out in a conversation, this can be very awkward.

Stay positive

In my very first year of high school, the grade 12 students of that year set the tone for the year. At the end of an assembly they hosted (I can’t quite recall what the occasion was), they chanted “Your attitude determines your altitude”. This statement stuck with me since and I live by it.

When I derail, I quickly ‘snap out of it’ and remind myself that I need to remain positive through life’s adversities.

Similarly, in the professional setting. You’ll come across negative and pessimistic individuals who never see the good in anything. Stay far away from these people. They tend to underperform because they assume the worst of everything.

Your attitude is arguably the most important quality and can influence how you see things, and ultimately how you perform. Don’t fall for this trap.

Set New Goals

Pretoria-based training consultant and career coach Khanya Matlala is adamant that you set goals, even if it’s just one, that “would reflect who you want to be in the workplace. It will get you thinking, behaving and responding well to difficult situations. If you challenge yourself to excel in your current position, that can be your advantage wherever you go.”


Every morning, consciously make the decision to commit again and do your best. I always reflect on the previous day, and tell myself that I am going to kick some butt! I do a great deal of talking to myself, in the mornings mostly when I drive to work particularly. I reflect, I pray about the day ahead, I plan etc.

Renewed effort can stimulate thinking and ignite passion again. Challenge yourself to do things differently everyday.

Sonia Booth, former model and author of How to Reinvent Yourself and Stay Relevant, says “Personal branding enhances your self awareness. When you go through the personal branding process, you develop an understanding of what makes you unique, valuable and powerful, and it helps optimise and flaunt your strengths.”


Maintain a positive attitude towards your colleagues and the work you do, no matter what. If things are not where you want them to be, start working towards your goals. Revisit your vision board.

Until next time, love and light.


About the look:

Generally, I am a minimalist. A clean, simple look always looks well put-together. It’s effortless.

My favourite item in this entire look has to the satin blouse. The aesthetics of this fabric is in its luxurious, soft textures. It feels amazing on my skin. This blouse is elegant, yet still appropriate for the office.

A bit tricky to shoot on a windy day, but we made it work. 😉


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  1. Very profound, I can truly attest to this. Being in a tech industry is very difficult, things change in milliseconds. You wakeup to something new every single, thank you for the inspiration.

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