As many of you may already know, I absolutely love Summer! I was born in Summer, so naturally I’m drawn to all things Summer – from long warm nights, basking in the sun, to literally living in cute swimwear – you name it!

I have recently discovered a very cool brand, MAAJI, which offers a wide range of items under their portfolio.

MAAJI is a Colombian brand and has presence in more than 54 countries, including South Africa.

MAAJI´s portfolio includes Swimwear, Active-wear, Cover-Ups, and Accessories. All their lines have a unique mix of colours, shapes, cutting-edge silhouettes and textures that define the brand’s philosophy.

For me, quality and uniqueness are two key elements I look for in a product; and MAAJI delivers on these two exceptionally well.

What I love about MAAJI

– Almost all MAAJI swimsuits are completely reversible – offering two looks in one garment.

– Unique print. The MAAJI prints are one of a kind and speak to the theme of every collection. Each garment holds an element of surprise.

– Quality. Their commitment is to produce items of excellent quality and design.

– Passion for detail. MAAJI strives for offering the perfect balance of unexpected elements. All their lines have a unique mix of colors, shapes, cutting-edge silhouettes and textures.

– Comfort. Maaji suits are constructed in a magical way that gives each fanciful garment an incredible, comfortable and enchanting fit.

The seams and stitching mysteriously disappear through the creative inventiveness of expert manufacturers.

Leaving all of the details that give the feel of a one of a kind, handcrafted piece of art.


Where to shop

Shop your favourite MAAJI items on the Colourbox website; they are the primary stockists of the MAAJI Range:

If, like me, you’re in Cape Town, the stockists include:

Alessia Boutique – Shop 13, Level One, 94 Regent Street, Sea Point.

Coco Li Boutique Shop 15A, The Square Cape Quarter Extension, Somerset Road, Green Point.

Rainbow 2, the Promenade, Victoria Road, Camps Bay.

Indian Summer 2 Kildare Center, Cr Kildare Road and Main street, Newlands.

Madison Boutique – Shop 17, Constantia Village Courtyard, Constantia Main Road.


Follow MAAJI on social media:

– Instagram:

– Facebook:




Happy summer shopping!


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  1. Thank you for introducing us to the amazing MAAJI brand. I’m loving everything I see, especially the kimono, gym gear, swim suits and bags… wait, that’s everything! Yup, love it all

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