Do you plan for the week/day ahead? Or do you just wait for inspiration to strike? I can confess that I certainly don’t meticulously plan my work outfits in advance. I tend to go with the flow, and often times my mood determines what I feel like wearing.

Funny enough, I sometimes visualize an outfit, sounds weird I know. Hahaha, but this is the truth. The outfit comes together in my mind’s eye – and the next day I tell my friend or my sister that I want to shoot a particular outfit. 🙂

Some days, I run around like a headless chicken in the mornings trying to find this top, or that skirt – NOT IDEAL!

When I have important meetings, events and/or conferences to attend however, I plan my outfits. I also plan in instances where I will be travelling.


I’m impressed by how some people are disciplined when it comes to this sort of thing. I mean, some have their outfits planned out for the entire week – colour coordinated at that.

How do you plan your outfits? Do you plan at all? Well, if like me you need some inspiration and guidance in this regard, look no further.  I’m not always on top of it, so I found some tips on the internet, hope you’ll find them useful. The Classy Career Girl has the following advice:

To make your mornings less stressful, you have two options:

A. Wear The Same Outfit Every Day of The Week

You may laugh, but it is a thing! Steve Jobs was famous for wearing Levi’s, black turtleneck and New Balance trainers every day of the week. He was probably more famous for inventing a very clever computer but we’ll save that topic for a separate “how to make a very clever computer” post. For most women, whether they’re avid followers of fashion or not, wearing the same ensemble every day is not their thing. So, that leaves option two…

B. Plan Your Daily Outfits

We plan for other aspects of our lives all the time, so why not what we’re going to wear each day of the week?  Take, for example, the weekly food shop. We decide what we’re going to eat for the week, write a list and go buy it. The approach to planning your outfits needn’t be that different and unlike your food shop, you’ve already got the ingredients sitting in your wardrobe! So put aside 30 minutes, or an hour if you can, to spend some quality time with your wardrobe, and PLAN, PLAN, PLAN!

Uhhh, I’ll go with option B, thank you very much! 🙂

Until next time, happy outfit-planning!


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  1. HiKim

    I usually first visualise my outfits before putting together. Most of the time I end wearing something else. I guess planning isn’t really my thing.

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