Welcome to the second instalment of Womenomics.

Today, we have Tamburai Chirume, a serial entrepreneur and #bossgirl from Cape Town.

Tamburai is the one-half of a Mother and Daughter design collaboration called ONEOFEACH. She describes herself as a “born entrepreneur, who’s passionate about providing creative business advice to her peers.”

Tamburai adds, “Travel is my first love as I was very fortunate to have grown up travelling since a very young age; which is what inspired my mum and I to start our business.”

Tamburai is also an IVLP alumni, which is a program run by the US department of State. She currently serves on two boards, namely The Western Cape Business Opportunities Forum and a non-profit called Amandla Development which assists youth to stay in school.

Tamburai and I met in Fiduciary Services a few years ago, and here’s her take on a few matters.


What are some of your main passions and why are they important to you?

Firstly what I am most passionate about is diversity in society, and secondly developing The Business of Creative Entrepreneurship.

Diversity because, in a diverse society with less prejudice we can truly shine and been seen for what we truly are; and thus truly thrive. This is critical for creative entrepreneurs to develop into profitable businesses.

Tell us more about ONEOFEACH. When was it was founded, and what was  the inspiration behind it?

ONEOFEACH is a mother and daughter design collaboration focusing on leather and African-inspired hand bags and fashion accessories. Our brand truly represents the power of a mother and daughter bond and an authentic story of what love can bring about. We supply 15 outlets world-wide including the British Museum and The George Washington Textile Museum in the USA. To buy locally you can find us at the V&A Waterfront at the Watershed Market and at the weekend Hout Bay Market.

What are your greatest accomplishments to date?

My greatest accomplishment is having brought my mum’s dream alive. I have done many other things which people view as success, but for me this is my greatest achievement.

Where to from here for ONEOFEACH? 

As we say, made in Cape Town for the world. Our mission is to inspire others by sharing the mother and daughter story with the world; which we are doing (slowly but surely), one country at a time, one bag at a time.

What was the best financial advice you’ve ever received?

When I joined the bank, I must have been 22 or so and I remember watching a video (which was compulsory). The message behind the video was about saving and “paying yourself first”, I developed that habit since then.

 In your opinion, what are some of the barriers that prevent women from participating fully in their respective economies?

In my opinion, based on what I’ve observed over time in life, the biggest barrier that prevent women from participating fully is what we have termed “society norms”. The concept that a woman should, before anything else, be a mother or a wife at a certain time in her life before it is “too late”, and the pressures that come with that notion. I honestly think that to fully participate (if you choose to), it comes with many sacrifices and having to let go of anything that stands in your way and very often this involves these “society norms”. That is my view. 

It is no surprise that women still earn less than their male counterparts, while doing the same amount of work. Add to that, we take time off to raise and nurture children. Equality is long overdue! These challenges require radical solutions. What do you think is the first step in achieving equality in the workplace?  

Achieving equality in the workplace is a tricky one. I think organisations need to understand what women need in order to grow. More women need to be involved in policy and advocacy for these changes to be made. As women, we also need to stand for one another in these minority environments, and workplaces instead of sabotaging each other in the power struggle. A lot of this happens and that stands in the way of change. Once again, this is my view based on my experiences.

What is your favourite quote and why.

“Every new day brings unknown, endless possibilities.” I like this quote because it is so true.

Name a book you’re currently reading / name a book that made the most  impact on you.

A. I am reading two books at the moment: 

 – Mastery by Robert Greene 

 – Letters to Yves by Pierre Berge (Yves St Laurent’s  Partner)

B. The book which made the most impact in my life is A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle 


Favourite holiday destination.

Victoria Falls 

One fun fact about you.

I am very funny and off beat, but only a few people get to see this side of me because I am actually an introvert. 🙂

Are you part of any social communities in your city?

Yes, I am on the Board for an organization called Amandla Development based in Philippi, near Cape Town.

Well, there you have it ladies (and gents), how amazing is this woman?!  Tamburai can be reached on the following platforms:

Website: www.oneofeach.co.za

Instagram: ONEOFEACH


Email: info@oneofeach.co.za

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