Here’s why South Africans hide their social media from colleagues.

New research from Kaspersky shows that South Africans are keen to keep their work and private lives separate, with 64% of South African consumers choosing to hide social media activity from their boss. This stems from a fear of hurting their careers.

This secretive stance at work also extends to their peers/colleagues, with 60% of South Africans also preferring not to reveal online activities to their co-workers, Kaspersky said.

The research found that more than a third (35%) of South African employees are against their employer knowing which websites they visit.

More interestingly, 60% of South Africans are even against their colleagues knowing about their online activities, Kaspersky said. This probably means that colleagues constitute an even greater threat to future perspectives of an office slouch or maybe the relationships with colleagues.

This aversion to connecting on social media is likely because workers fear harming the public image of a company, or interest in decreased staff productivity motivates companies to monitor employees’ social networks and make career changing decisions based on that. This is a valid fear/concern.

These are the dynamics of living in the digital age. One must remember though, that as an employee you need to be increasingly cautious of what exactly you post on social media feeds or what websites you prefer using at work. One misconceived action on the internet could have an irreversible long-term impact on even the most ambitious worker’s ability to climb the career ladder of their choice in the future.

Stay safe.


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