My name is Kim, a dynamic, young professional from Cape Town; who is passionate about women empowerment and the development of the girl-child.

My blog, An Ode To Style, is aimed at inspiring the young, modern career woman – through style and fashion.

My blog allows me express myself and helps nurture and feed my creative talents.

My day is often filled with meetings and tight deadlines, and I therefore use fashion to unwind and maintain a balance. I have observed that how one is dressed, often determines how they are perceived. It is for this reason that I ensure that I look my best at all times, particularly at my place of employment.

I have been in the corporate environment for 10 years, operating in the financial services industry. To mark this milestone, I saw it most fitting to launch my blog and share my thoughts and fashion tips with you; as well as my journey as a young professional woman in a big corporate.

With a cappuccino in hand, running around in heels, join me on an endless journey of self-discovery; from the boardroom to fashion events, and everywhere in between!